Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is LA Boxing Legit?

LA Boxing Review

Razor Rob of LA Boxing/UFC GYM
So I was recently offered a position as a part-time trainer at a nearby LA Boxing gym.  One of my fans/friends recommended my name to none other than Mr. Rob Razor McCullough (Former WEC Champion). @RaZoRoB (Twitter) is the director of instructor training for LA Boxing/UFC GYM.  He contacted me soon after and forwarded my resume to a few gyms in the area.  I was asked to come in to a nearby LA Boxing just days later.

Today I had to be a student of one of the kickboxing classes, to get a gist of what it was all about.  And wow: I was blown away!  Sure, going into I was a bit hesitant, judging the franchise as nothing more than a cardio class with a bunch of heavybags.  Having been training in Philadelphia's grungy gyms the past few years, using donated exercise equipment and punching bags held together with duct tape, I thought LA Boxing's class was going to be a breeze for me.  I was wrong.

Let me remind you all: I've trained all over, including in 100+ degree weather in Bangkok Thailand, for 4-5 hours at a time.  And even now, I feel I am still at the peak of my fitness level.  But this LA Boxing workout was TOUGH.  I was dripping in sweat, my muscles were on fire, and I was out of breath just 20 minutes into it.  Then we moved onto technique, starting off with my favorite: shadowboxing.  The trainer showed equal attention to each student, making sure their form and technique was sound.  After that, we worked the bag.  Here we put it all into action.  And it was nice having my own bag for the entire workout.  A lot of gyms only have a few, where you have to practically wait in line just to use it.  Finally, we wrapped it all up with an intense ab workout, to tighten up our core and build strength and condition our muscles.
My bruised shins & foot after my first
class.  Ahh, it's been a while, ol' friend.

What is especially nice about LA Boxing is that any skill/experience level is welcomed and accommodated to.  Today for instance, there was a young teen who was probably 13-15 years old, a 45 year old woman, and everything in between.  Some people were shaking the building with powerful punches, while others were just determined to make it through the workout.  Either way, everyone was covered in sweat and getting a KILLER workout!  You decide how good of a workout you get at this place, as long as you listen to the coach running the class.

But the BEST part about LA Boxing is the ability to get private training from the instructors.  If you want to get in-depth training, advanced fight help, or just individual concentration to get an even more personalized workout, then this is where you're in luck.  LA Boxing provides the best rates around, SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than any other gyms, let alone private MMA training.
  • So... is LA Boxing worth it? 


  • Is LA Boxing expensive?

Not at all.  Most likely A LOT cheaper than any other privately owned gyms in your area.

  • Is LA Boxing real boxing?

Yes.  I've trained all over Philly, from ghettos to top-of-the-line gyms and you can get the same exact thing at LA Boxing.

  • Is LA Boxing any good?

It's awesome.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I hope this review answers any questions you have.
And let me know if you're in the Philadelphia area
so we can get some training in!

Shane Fazen
LA Boxing - Springfield, PA
ShaneFazen [at] FightTips [dot] com