Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FightTips Contest WINNER!

fight tips gang sign
Just a few of the FightTips contest entries

We got a ton of entries for the #FightTips patch contest, and it was hard to choose our favorite.  But after much thought and consideration, we have chosen a #WINNER!  

But, I'd first like to personally thank all of my friends and fans for not only entering this contest, but for being a part of the FightTips movement.  It is you and your support that keeps all of this going on, so please take a minute to pat yourselves on the back.  YOU are helping kids defend themselves against their bullies, YOU give them the confidence to pursue their dreams, and it is YOU that spreads the support and shares strength to those in need.  
You are FightTips.

...And now the winner of our contest, @Grimfangs

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Grimfangs Hellbender

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Fight Someone Bigger than You

Check out my updated guide here:

Fighting someone bigger (heavier) than you:

If someone is fat they probably are going to weigh more than you, so this means that:

  • If neither of you are trained then he/she will probably have the harder punches. (more weight = more force)
  • When the fight gets into some grabbing or goes to the ground, his/her added weight is going to make it a lot harder for you shove them around and if they get on top of you then you're in some trouble. But this doesn't mean you should succumb to defeat. Keep moving, keep striking, look for sweeps and up-kicks. Use any ground experience that you have and try to get the dominant position or to get back up again. Just be careful!
  • His/her weight also means that they are likely to be slower; in moving around, in throwing techniques and getting out of the way of things. You need to use this to your advantage!

A few other things on fat people:

  • Mostly they will get tired quicker than thinner people, this isn't always going to happen but it is pretty common.
  • The fat acts as a bit of a cushion, protecting the body. It means they are less likely to get hurt by body shots, however it doesn't protect other areas anymore than normal.

Now for some tips on fighting them:

  • Remembering the things I mentioned before the first thing is to keep your distance.  If they are going to be throwing hard punches then you don't want to be caught by it. So keep them at a distance, move around. Don't get too carried away, you still need to win the fight and all.
  • This also means that you won't get taken down by his/her superior weight.
  • Be fast. When you strike at them you you have to try do it quickly and when moving away from them do it quickly. Let them chase you.
  • Tire them out. If you're moving, making them miss, then they will get tired.
  • The more tired they get, the worse they become. So if you have time go for it.
  • Don't forget to use dirty tactics if you get in trouble, kick them in the balls, poke them in the eyes, whatever... It's about winning not about getting points for being a gentleman!
  • Always remember to play to your strengths and avoid your opponents! So like I've said above; don't do anything that lets him/her use his/her weight and at the same time do things that you can do well.
  • Throw your punches in combos. Using mostly straight punches (your longest ranged punches), step in, throw a combo, then step out of range (with your hands up and guarding).
  • If you can kick use that to stay out at range. But only if you are trained to kick. Otherwise it is too risky. Even if you are trained don't go above the waist: there is too much risk of being taken down.

Now people who are taller than you:

  • Tall people don't have as many things to mention as fat people but the main thing to be careful of is his/her reach.  Since they are tall they will have longer legs and arms, and so will be able to keep you away. They can hit you while you can't hit back.
  • Really tall people, who are almost freakishly tall do have some problems with speed, and they can't quite do anything quickly.  BUT this is only a possibility, they might not be tall, you might just be small.  So don't assume that if they are tall then they are slow.

Of course don't forget that tall people could also weigh more than you as well. But I just told you all about fighting people like that!

So tips on fighting them:

  • Again the main thing is his/her reach advantage: they may not be a trained fighter and not know what to do with this, but even then it will still work in his/her favor.
  • So, you need to get in close.
  • Wait until they throw a punch, try avoid it by slipping FORWARD (not backward), then push in.
  • When you get in closer throw tight, hooking punches, or overhand punches. Refer to: Hong Man Choi vs Mighty Mo

  • Body Clinch them tightly around his/her lower waist, and work leg trips or slams.
  • Try to get them down as quickly as possible, so they can't get you away.
  • Don't be afraid, if you keep backing up, they're gonna get you.
  • Again if you need to, fight dirty.

So that's pretty much it, I haven't included any detailed techniques, but those are the sort of things that are best learned under some training.
So please feel free to add your own thoughts!

And now (thanks to Shane) in video form!

Thank you to our elite member Stuart for writing out this guide.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Throw a Punch

proper fist chart
Sometimes a fist isn't the best choice for throwing a punch

Check out my UPDATED How to Throw a Punch guide here!

Learn Street Boxing

The first technique anyone will ever teach you for a street fight, is probably a punch. However the fist Is made up of a bunch of small bones that can break quite easily. This guide will teach you five (5) different punches that can be done in a street fight, with optimal safety and results.

#1) The Jab:

The job is a punch performed with the lead hand, which is usually the weaker hand. It is used to find range, to make your opponent react, and to set up other punches. It is a straight, crisp punch which has been known to do damage, but works best when followed by another punch or combination.

#2) The Cross:

The cross is a powerful punch executed with the rear hand. It is also a straight punch, but with the twisting of the hips combined with a higher velocity, the cross is more likely to achieve a knockout. The jab can be use to set up the cross, but the combo doesn't necessarily end there.

#3) The Hook

The hook is a shorter-ranged punch, done with the lead hand. It is performed by pivoting the lead foot, hips, and shoulder at the same time. The lead hook stays tight, and chops the opponent's jaw or side of the head, resulting in an offset of balance, or ideally a knockout.

#4) The Uppercut

The uppercut is also a short ranged, tight punch. It is best used in the clinch, or after slipping an opponents punch. The uppercut pops the opponent's head up, setting up the perfect opportunity to follow with the lead hook.

#5) The Overhand Punch

The overhand comes over top of your opponents guard. Unlike the jab or cross, the overhand comes in a looping motion on a downward path into the opponent's jaw/face.

Practice these punches for at least 20 minutes daily. Shadowboxing is a great form of exercise, but it also helps to ingrain these punches into your arsenal. The more you practice these punches, the harder and faster you will be able to punch. So train hard and train often.
-Shane Fazen

Saturday, March 2, 2013

#FightTips Patch Contest!

FightTips Logo Gi Patch

FightTips First Giveaway Contest!

Win a FREE FightTips Patch and personalized letter from Shane!


If you haven't already seen the newest FightTips video, we mentioned the start of our first contest.  We are giving away multiple patches to those who share his/her best pictures throwing up the FightTips hand sign.

Shane Fazen Instagram


Take a picture of yourself doing the FightTips hand sign and upload it to Twitter and/or Instagram with "#FightTips" in the tweet/caption.  Get Creative with it: change the scenery, get friends in on it, ask celebrities to do it, etc!









How to do the FightTips hand sign:

how to gang sign

  • Overlap your hands
  • Slightly tuck your thumbs
  • Extend your index finger, and progressively curl the remaining fingers.
  • Win.  


  • You can submit as many pictures as you want,
  • Entire hand sign must be clear and legible
  • No nudity!
  • Have fun!
Looking forward to your entries!
Shane Fazen