Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Throw a Punch

proper fist chart
Sometimes a fist isn't the best choice for throwing a punch

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Learn Street Boxing

The first technique anyone will ever teach you for a street fight, is probably a punch. However the fist Is made up of a bunch of small bones that can break quite easily. This guide will teach you five (5) different punches that can be done in a street fight, with optimal safety and results.

#1) The Jab:

The job is a punch performed with the lead hand, which is usually the weaker hand. It is used to find range, to make your opponent react, and to set up other punches. It is a straight, crisp punch which has been known to do damage, but works best when followed by another punch or combination.

#2) The Cross:

The cross is a powerful punch executed with the rear hand. It is also a straight punch, but with the twisting of the hips combined with a higher velocity, the cross is more likely to achieve a knockout. The jab can be use to set up the cross, but the combo doesn't necessarily end there.

#3) The Hook

The hook is a shorter-ranged punch, done with the lead hand. It is performed by pivoting the lead foot, hips, and shoulder at the same time. The lead hook stays tight, and chops the opponent's jaw or side of the head, resulting in an offset of balance, or ideally a knockout.

#4) The Uppercut

The uppercut is also a short ranged, tight punch. It is best used in the clinch, or after slipping an opponents punch. The uppercut pops the opponent's head up, setting up the perfect opportunity to follow with the lead hook.

#5) The Overhand Punch

The overhand comes over top of your opponents guard. Unlike the jab or cross, the overhand comes in a looping motion on a downward path into the opponent's jaw/face.

Practice these punches for at least 20 minutes daily. Shadowboxing is a great form of exercise, but it also helps to ingrain these punches into your arsenal. The more you practice these punches, the harder and faster you will be able to punch. So train hard and train often.
-Shane Fazen

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