Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update 02/19/13: I'm Sick of Dreaming...

"I'm sick of dreaming. It's time to make it happen." 

That was my tweet from earlier today; it means a lot to me. I have been working really hard on many different things inside and outside of FightTips, and though I have seen some success, I'm still no where near where I'd like to be.

I just wanted to update you guys on where I am at right now, and what is in store for the future.  So within my personal life: I'm busy as hell working two jobs and training at any chance I get. Even though I think my thumb is broken, I decided I'm still gonna fight in the Philadelphia Golden Gloves Tournament March 9th (a little over 2 weeks away). Unfortunately, I am working every single day leading up to that, so I'm gonna have to cram in training and lose some sleep. This is where training SMART comes in... it's not always about just training hard.  But on top of that, the hardcore dieting started and it's making me cranky and irritable.  I'm currently at 138 lbs, and have 6 more pounds to lose.  Not much, but I still want a cookie or two (hundred).  But hey, at least I'm not (fill in blank with something you hate doing).  <-- there's being optimistic ;)

Anyway, as for FightTips:  I have so many projects and ideas working right now, I can't keep track of them all.  The newest was the collaboration video with Jason of Precision Striking.  If you haven't seen the video we made comparing Ring Boxing vs. Street Boxing, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALwDCzx4Zf8  It covers topics such as the liver punch, low blows and groin strikes, and even MMA combonations.  But that's just one bit of creativity FT has got goin' on!

We also finished filming the Dime Street Joker music video where I beat up a bunch of zombies with some action-packed martial arts choreography.  Editing is currently in progress and the final product will be out within a few weeks.  This collaboration led to more ideas and teamwork done with bassist and video producer Jason Sheck.

Jason is an old friend of mine.  Yes, he's known me before FightTips even existed.  So, Sheck has graduated from Temple University with a degree in film.  He's got a LOT of talent and original ideas, and together we came up with some, truly, groundbreaking ideas.  Without giving too much away: the closest thing that relates to it was the video where I talked about my past street fights.  That got a lot of positive feedback, but frankly I found it boring.  Okay, I'll say this: what we have brewing will make that video look like a children's show.

I'm not kidding.  and it doesn't stop there!  I already have a few chapters written for my new book & DVD combo.  Wanna hear the opening line? Check this out:

 "The 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme film "Kickboxer" first introduced me to the art of Muay Thai."

...How about a little shoutout, Van Damme?  We also have plans for bringing back a live podcast, a possible short-series TV show on YouTube, and even inventing a new exercise machine.  Now I just have to organize my time better, so I can release it for you all the see!  I'm working hard, but either it's not hard enough, or I need to work smarter.  Either way, I'm going to succeed and I hope that you all enjoy what is to come.

Train smart and WIN!
Shane Fazen

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